House-Banked Games of Coral Poker

 House-banked poker is poker played against the casino; whoever has a better hand than the casino dealer wins. There are quite a few types of house-banked poker, so there are a lot of variations you can choose from to your liking. Some of these include: video poker, Caribbean stud poker, let it ride, pai-gow poker, and three card poker.

Video poker is designed mainly for the amateurs. Rarely will you see a professional poker player playing video poker. Video poker can be played alone, just the player and the computer, so there is no bluffing or reading gestures here. This type is very popular in casinos, the machines are usually always all occupied. It is simpler to just play this one going off of your logic and not be fooled by the other players’ disposition.

In Caribbean stud poker the players pit a five card stud hand against the dealer, after which the dealer gives everyone and himself five cards, four of which are facedown and the other faceup. Then the players fold or bet an amount double of the ante. After the players are done betting and the dealer does not have a qualifying hand, he folds and pays each player the ante. But if he does have a qualifying hand, then the players lose.

Let it ride is a type of five card stud poker where there is no dealer. The players lay three equal bets and then receive three cards facedown. Then they can leave their first bet or withdraw it, after which a community card is dealt faceup and they each withdraw or “let it ride”. A final community card is revealed. The outcome for each player depends on their hands.

Pai-gow poker is an even-payout game. The players and the dealer each have seven cards. Everyone makes their best two card and five card hand. Whoever’s both hands are better than the dealer’s wins the amount equal to this bet. In this game the best possible hand is five aces.

Then there is the three card poker, in which three cards are dealt facedown to the players and dealer. The players make two bets. A bonus square can let the players bet for a payoff on a “super” hand, like a three of a kind or a three card straight flush. This type is a bit more complicated, but very popular nonetheless.

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