Paddy Power new customer bonus 200How to Tell if Your Opponent is Bluffing in Poker

Poker is a tricky game that deals a lot with sociology and intuition. If you know that then you have better chances of winning. It is more than just a game of calculations, strategies, techniques, tricks and luck. Poker also involves knowing how to read other people well in order to gain knowledge about their hand and what their next move might be.

So how can you read your opponents, especially if there are different players every time so you don’t get the chance to know them? There are a couple of ways to identify when a poker player is bluffing. The ones listed below are but a few of the many used most of the time by experienced poker players.

Normally, when a person is lying, they try to avoid making eye contact with anyone. This is usually true in the case of beginner poker players. More experienced players however, including the professionals, know this and have learned to control it. This is what they call the “poker face”.

These players will look you in the eye and give the impression that they are not hiding anything, but, in truth, they are simply good liars. Some tips for you would be that his pupils might dilate if he is lying, but this won’t happen to highly experienced players who have learned to control the stress that causes this dilation.

Secondly, when a poker player attempts in any way, shape or form to intimidate you, that should immediately be a red flag. Any type of intimidation, from staring you down, to being aggressive, talking loudly and slamming the chips on the table, is a tactic that some players use in order to get you to fold.

Shoulders are another indicator that you should pay attention to if you want to read your opponent well. When people are under stress their bodies tend to tense up, making them crunch their shoulders upward and inward. This will happen to an opponent who has a weak hand and is not confident.

However, if their shoulders drop, it may mean that they missed their hand. No detail is too complex to catch if you are serious about learning how to read your fellow poker players. There are only certain details you should be aware of, details that can and will change the outcome of your game.

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