Stanjames casino bonus up to 100Offline Bookmakers are Moving Online

The most important bookmakers started off with agencies in the big cities and then spread in the entire country. They now have hundreds of local agencies where players can bet on whatever they think will bring them an important enough profit. Lately, however, these agencies have understood that they must keep the rhythm with the technology development and the players’ need to bet easily, wherever they may be.

Betting online, they can choose more agencies where they can open an account. The deposits and withdrawls are done very easily, the circulated sums being bigger and bigger. The development of online gambling does not exclude offline agencies; offline agencies still remain just as many. So far, we can not say that online betting can catch up to offline gambling because they have to abide by certain legal restrictions, which makes their legal authorization and functioning more difficult.

A short history of gambling

Gambling has been around for a very long time. It has been present since ancient Rome, when only the highest society had this opportunity. They would bet on chariot horse races or at the circus. Throughout time, gambling was illegal in many countries and empires, being regulated only under certain conditions. In spite of the restrictions, nothing proved to be an impediment for the people who wanted to bet and try their luck at winning more money.

Many problems and scandals surfaced related to arranged matches or competitions, done for assuring the illicit victory of a certain group. Even presently there are attempts to beat the online system, tricking it, finding a way. Furthermore, some offers that can be very attractive at first sight prove to be untrue and deceitful.

Throughout history there have been numerous scandals regarding arranged matches. That’s how it was in the American World Series in 1919. The favourite White Sox lost to the Cincinnati Reds. Because of the scandals of the arranged match, no less than eight players were suspended from the sport for life. In the 1920s, baseball was the queen of gambling, the gambling industry in the USA being very developed in the beginning of the XX-th century.

            Society’s perspective on gambling

Society has changed its vision of gambling as a whole. In the past, gambling was seen as the devil’s manifestation. Gambling was considered a grave sin and those who practiced it were put in jail. From a moral standpoint, gambling has always been considered a sin. The ones who organised it and won so much money from this activity were members of mafia organizations. Now, things are not as drastic, but from a religious point of view, gambling will never be accepted.

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