Stanjames poker bonusReading Your Opponents in Poker

Are you a poker enthusiast who is dying to know the secrets to reading all the gestures of your opponents? Reading people’s facial expressions and body language is no simple thing, but it can be learned. There are quite a few indicators and signals that you can learn in order to be able to identify when a player is bluffing.

One of these indicators is the player’s breathing. For example, breathing hard and deep, hyperventilating, is a sign of stress; either the opponent has a bad hand or he has made a big bet and now he is bluffing. So, heavy breathing is an obvious sign that should not be hard to pick up on and understand what is going on with your opponent.

The way that a player bets is another thing that can be useful to identify. Each player should have some sort of a pattern that becomes evident after a while. Watch for the player’s attitude when he bets if he has a good hand and the difference when he has a bad hand. This is just a simple thing to learn that will help you out a lot.

Getting to know your opponents is important. Introverted people differ from the extroverted ones. For instance, an introverted person is usually quiet, but may start becoming talkative if they feel confident and relaxed, when they have a good hand, for example.

On the other hand, an extroverted, sociable person may get quiet when they have a good hand in order to concentrate better and think of the best strategy to use. Of course it is hard to know this about players you are playing with for the first time, but whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert is usually visible pretty quickly.

A player who is shaking is a definite sign that he may have a very good hand. Normally this is only seen at beginners. You will not see a professional shaking. But a beginner’s hands will shake from emotion if he has more luck than he could have hoped for. This indicator will be hard to miss and will tell you a lot about your opponent and prepare you for the worst. Moreover, a player who is shaking will not try to bluff at all, simply because he cannot get a hold of himself and he risks giving away more rather than hide.

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