Unibet Poker deposit and get 20 extra 500 bonusHow to Tell if Your Opponent has a Good Hand in Poker

Poker is a lot about luck, about talent, about strategy and, most of all, it is about knowing how to read people. This may sound scary and impossible, but it is rather simple if you just follow some guidelines and rules that seem to be universal, pretty much.

One of the most important details that every player wishes they can know is when their opponents have a good hand, because this can prepare a poker player and help them reconsider their next right move.

Anyway, so how can you know when your opponent has a good hand? Well, first of all, you have to look for a passive player. Almost all players try to seem calm and careless when they have a good hand because they want the others to believe that nothing big is going on when actually there is. When this passiveness is accentuated, especially when a player is not normally like this, then the chances are that he is feeling confident and he does not want the others to know that.

A player may also try to emphasize that they actually have a weak hand when the opposite is true. This type of bluffing can be seen with players who act upset to have to be betting or treating their cards with pity and sadness. Watch out for these because they are nothing but lies.

Smiling is obviously a sign seen when a player gets a good hand, but only beginners will smile, not being aware of how visible their attitude is. An experienced player, however, will of course not smile, but many of them will smile with their eyes alone. Look at your opponent’s eyes, this is very important. Even professional poker players will be caught with a give-away twinkle in their eyes. It is not something that a person can learn to control.

These are but a few of the many signs you will be able to see when your opponent has a good hand, but it is enough to help you point it out. Just one of these indicators will tell you what is happening around the table and help you figure out what to do next regarding your own hand. Knowing these rules is important because the outcome of the game always depends on the hands of the other players, not just your own.

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